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Composite bonding – small treatment – significant smile results

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When ‘Say cheese!’ makes you grimace…

Gappy, chipped or discoloured teeth can hold you back. Perhaps you no longer smile in photographs, you talk with your hand covering your mouth, or you feel hesitant to express how you really feel as your teeth don’t look how you’d like them to.

Cronulla Beach Dental

Our composite veneers will correct your tooth or teeth swiftly, affordably and restore the confidence you seek to smile whole-heartedly once again. 

Composite bonding cost

Composite bonding



Our composite bonding prices start from ENTER per tooth. You don’t have to wait to get the treatment however – our interest-free finance options can see you smiling, asap. 

Our dental bonding is meticulous, swift and masterful. 

Subtle changes, superior smiles

At Cronulla Beach Dental we believe people look their best when they look like themselves – our cosmetic dentistry and composite veneers reflect this.

Master craftsmanship

Dr Daley and our team have earned a reputation for having the gentlest yet most impactful touch. The results are beautiful teeth and long-term patients.

Patient education

Before we begin we’ll show you composite bonding before and after images, and, we’ll comprehensively explain the composite bonding treatment. We keep our patients fully informed and comfortable, always.
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No-stress composite veneers payment options

Feel comfortable in the chair, and afterwards

Restoring your smile doesn’t need to be uncomfortable - not even financially. Flexible, no-deposit, zero-interest payment plans mean you can enjoy your treatment anxiety-free, and so can your bank account.

All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.

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Three steps to reclaim your smile

Book a consultation or discuss during your six-monthly check up

We will talk about the possibility of composite resin veneers for you as part of your check-up-and-clean, or if you’re not due for this – as a separate consultation.

One treatment appointment, immediate results

Dr Daley will apply and then shape the tooth coloured resin to the natural teeth/tooth requiring composite veneers. This resin will then be dried with UV light, and finalised. No back and forth – all done in one.

Leave with a restored smile and new confidence

Smile again at your own reflection, and leave our clinic feeling and looking like your best self.

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Ready to secure a smile you’re proud of?

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What is composite bonding?
It’s a cosmetic dental procedure treatment, which sees a dentist apply tooth-coloured resin to a chipped, discoloured or misshapen tooth in order to restore its appearance.
Are composite veneers the same as bonding?
Yes – composite resin veneers, composite bonding, dental bonding are all the same treatment – just with different names. 
Why would someone need dental bonding?
If a patient has come to us for an emergency dental appointment following an accident – like a broken or chipped tooth, dental bonding is an immediate solution to restore the natural appearance of the tooth – resin is bonded onto the tooth. Similarly, if a tooth is discoloured, shorter or mispositioned, a composite resin veneer can be applied to that tooth, to complement and reflect the other teeth.
How much does composite bonding cost?
Our composite veneers start from $490 per tooth, and this can be paid for using our interest-free finance options.
How long do they last?
Providing they’re well-looked after, and you avoid food and drinks most likely to cause stains (red wine, coffee, beetroot, turmeric, etc) they can last up to 7 years.
Why would someone choose composite veneers over porcelain veneers?
Composite veneers are significantly less expensive than porcelain veneers, given they have a shorter life-span (up to 7 years vs up to 20 years), are more porous, and are not as structurally strong as porcelain veneers. Composite veneers also require fewer appointments and preparatory work – such as shaving down of the teeth, taking impressions, etc.

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