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Tooth filling – stop decay, prevent future damage and retain your tooth

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The very thought of a dental filling can make you concerned…

But you’ve got a sore or decaying tooth and the potential for further damage is significant. If you don’t do something about it soon, the only solution will be extraction, and that in itself will require subsequent treatments. Understandably you’re feeling nervous about the whole thing.

Cronulla Beach Dental

Our tooth fillings can be performed using sleep dentistry – which will see you, through IV sedation, experience a deep state of calm, or even drift off to sleep. This procedure and the dental filling cost can be paid for using our interest-free finance plans.

Dental Implants:
before and after

John lived with broken down teeth for years. As her teeth were beyond repair she chose full mouth implants on her top and lower jaw.
Cronulla Beach Dental
Cronulla Beach Dental

Tooth filling cost

Tooth filling



Dental fillings at Cronulla Beach Dental start from $185 per tooth, and our interest-free finance options can see you treated asap, not only ‘when your budget allows’.

Tooth fillings by trusted, precise and calm hands.

Swift procedure, significant outcome

At Cronulla Beach Dental we favour preventative dentistry – your dental filling will be performed efficiently, ensuring you can get back to eating, drinking and smiling without concern.

Master craftsmanship

Dr Daley, supported by our caring, experienced team, has performed thousands of dental fillings. Experience counts in dentistry – especially intricate and tooth-saving procedures.

Assurance always

We’ll be upfront with the tooth filling price, we’ll keep you fully informed about the procedure, and if you need sleep dentistry to calm your nerves completely – we’ll organise this for you too. We are committed to ensuring a positive experience, always.
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No-stress payment options

Feel comfortable in the chair, and afterwards

Restoring your smile doesn’t need to be uncomfortable - not even financially. Flexible, no-deposit, zero-interest payment plans mean you can enjoy your treatment anxiety-free, and so can your bank account.

All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.

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Three steps to address your damaged tooth

Book a consultation or discuss during your six-monthly check up

We’ll identify any need for filling teeth during your check-up and clean, or if you’re not due for this – please book a separate consultation.

One appointment, decay stopped

Dr Daly will prepare your tooth, fill the cavity with composite resin or porcelain filling, and then you’ll be ready to go about your day. If you opted for IV sedation, you’ll soon ‘wake’ and will need someone to drive you home, and you won’t be able to operate heavy machinery for 24 hours.

Leave with peace of mind that your tooth is preserved

You’ll be able to eat and drink again as normal within a few hours, being mindful not to chew on sticky, tough or consume very hot or cold meals, for a day or two.

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Ready to defeat tooth decay?

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What are dental fillings?
As per their name, dental fillings are designed to ‘fill’ cavities or holes in teeth, such that further bacteria can not erode the tooth at a deeper level. They also prevent the need for root canal treatment or worse – tooth extraction.
What does a dental filling look like?
Our composite resin tooth filling will be colour-matched to the tooth and the surrounding teeth, such that it blends in seamlessly when bonded to your teeth. The same is the case for porcelain material.
How much does a tooth filling cost?
Our composite dental fillings start from $185 per tooth, whereas our porcelain fillings are priced from $1,200. We’ve written a piece on the differences in prices and materials of dental fillings.
Should I be worried about tooth sensitivity after filling treatment is complete?
Any tooth pain or sensitivity typically resolves after two days, and any mild discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter medication. Please contact us if you experience significant or visit cronulla dentists if pain continue.
How long do tooth fillings last?
With proper care a composite dental filling can last up to 10 years, whereas a porcelain filling – significantly longer due to the strength of material.

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