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Anxiety-free dentist visits aren’t just a dream

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Wake up to a new world of comfort

If you’re an anxious patient, you never have to endure dental treatment stress again. 

Cronulla Beach Dental

Sleep dentistry lets you drift through your visit in dreamy, comfortable and safe relaxation. You might even catch yourself looking forward to dentist visits. 

Dental Implants:
before and after

John lived with broken down teeth for years. As her teeth were beyond repair she chose full mouth implants on her top and lower jaw.
Cronulla Beach Dental
Cronulla Beach Dental

Sleep Dentistry Cost

Sleep Dentistry



IV sedation costs depend on your treatment duration - which we’ll tell you upfront.

Your comfort-dentistry dream team

Smile care, and self care

Schedule some deep relaxation into your day, at the same time as you take care of your oral health.

Specialising in safety

Sedation specialists work alongside your familiar dental team so you can have absolute peace of mind.

No bill nightmares

Dr Daley will never leave you in the dark about treatment costs; you’ll know what to expect from the start.
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No-stress sleep dentistry payment options

Feel comfortable in the chair, and afterwards

Restoring your smile doesn’t need to be uncomfortable - not even financially. Flexible, no-deposit, zero-interest payment plans mean you can enjoy your treatment anxiety-free, and so can your bank account.

All major health funds accepted and on-the-spot rebates available.

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Three steps to leaving dental fear in the past

Schedule some ‘me-time’

Easily book online for your IV sedation consultation or for your dental treatment with IV sedation.

Come in, zone out

Sit back and drift off. You will feel deeply tranquil and may not even remember a thing.

Wake up smiling

Gently emerge from your calm state and enjoy checking out your completed dental treatment!

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Finance options

Ready to get the smile you want now without the worry?

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What is sedation for dental?
Sedation refers to a type of medication that helps you feel calm or go to sleep. At Cronulla Beach Dental, we use IV sedation, delivered by expert sedationists to ensure absolute safety and comfort.
Do you feel pain when sedated?
You won’t feel any discomfort, and, with IV sedation, you won’t even remember your treatment. Depending on the type of sedation, you will either drift into a very calm state, or into a deep sleep.  And you will wake up when your treatment is finished.
Can I drive home after sedation?
Sedation may make you a little drowsy for the rest of the day. So don't operate heavy machinery or drive for 24 hours after treatment. We will discuss this with you before your treatment and make sure you have a friend or family member take you home.

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